I grew up in a small rural town surrounded by my large, blended family and a menagerie of animals. I have two young children, a 6ft tall stepson, a husband, a dog, and a cat.       

I have lived and breathed fashion my whole life. Through high school and university I worked in my parents’ clothing manufacturing business, sweeping the sewing floor, driving the delivery van, burning myself on the presses. I have bought and presented ranges to major chain stores, managed large production runs, and sourced international brands for independent boutiques. 

But above all else, I believe in the power of a pretty dress. Because who doesn’t feel beautiful in a pretty dress? And who says women shouldn’t be able to feel that way every day? Not to save up our best for weddings and parties but to wear nice things all the time. To walk the dog, to attend a meeting, to do the supermarket shopping.

And so Tuesday is centred around dresses. Different shapes for different bodies, but each style is consistently feminine. From the fabrics to the colour, grace is at the heart of every design. These are dresses to be worn all year round. Layer them with fine knits and cardigans, add a fur coat on top.   

With Tuesday my desire is to transcend day and night, summer and winter, work and play. To throw those traditional limitations out the window. Not to succumb to the labels we unwittingly give ourselves: student, career woman, mother. And say, just be a girl. 
It’s enough.